Alistair Erskine has been working as a decorative artist for twenty years mainly providing a service for leading interior designers. Alistair's experience ranges from traditional broken colour work in important country houses to more modern ideas as well. Alistair paint pictures in his spare time.

Artist's Statement
My driving interest is in colour found in nature. By working swiftly and with painterly extraction, I try to capture interaction of colour with colour and with light and composition. I aim for freshness of observation.

My land and seascape paintings, always done 'en plein air', whilst trying to convey mood or sense of place, are also about colour for its own sake. Although human form plays little or no part in many paintings, I am conscious that landscape without reference to human habitation can loose meaning, so buildings or other simple man made effects are usually central to composition however simply expressed.

Still life allows a little more time to focus, though I try not to loose the 'moment' of observation by overworking.

Alistair Erskine
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